40 New Funny Golf Instagram Captions

Something funny happens while playing golf!

We share the same funny movement on our social media but it should also have a golf caption and that is what we have brought for you.

I have collection of 40 funny golf captions I hope you like it.

Read the funny golf instagram captions below and share your feeling with your friends by adding your favorite golf caption to your Instagram post.

Funny Golf Captions
Funny Golf Captions

Funny Golf Captions

  1. Even if I don’t play golf professionally, I can still make things hard for myself.
  2. Golf is my favorite sport because it’s the only one where you can appear like an absolute moron and no one will notice.
  3. Even though I’m not the best golfer, I always go for the kill.
  4. Despite not being the best golfer, I had a terrific time.
  5. Using a poor round of golf to justify humor.
  6. On the green golf grass, a miracle has been prayed for.
  7. I just made a fantastic golfing mistake, haha.
  8. I get to make a living golfing. What more do you require?
  9. Simply put, the explanation golf is so well-liked is that it’s the best sport in the world for terrible golfers.
  10. Golf is my favorite sport in the entire world.
  11. Patience is as important in golf as it is in life.
  12. Walking ruins golf. – mark twain
  13. My doctor says I should eat vegetables to live.
  14. Faith has bunkers, golf has prayers. – max lucado
  15. Give me life, liberty and the pursuit of golf balls.
  16. Golf suits me down to the last detail.
  17. Life is always good on the golf course. In the olden days, the act of cursing people and hitting the ground with a stick was called witchcraft. Today we call it golf.
  18. The short game around the green is important, but the approach is more important.
  19. Golf is a game of yelling “Before”, shooting 6, hitting 5. – paul harvey
  20. Golf is a great way to quickly let yourself down.
  21. You need a lot of balls to play golf like I do.
  22. Mind ruins more shots than body.
  23. Golf is a day he spends in a tiring round of laziness. – william wordsworth
  24. Anyone who says “Practice makes perfect” has clearly never played golf.
  25. Old golfers never die.
  26. Golf is a game of yelling forward, shooting 6’s and writing down 5’s.
  27. Golfers’ favorite flower – forget-me-nots.
  28. The worst day of mini golfing beats the satisfactory day of work.
  29. I hate golfing! I hate golf!! And I hate golf!!! Oooh! Nice shot! I love golf!
  30. “hitting the ball is the a laugh a part of it, however the extra you hit it, the extra a laugh you have.” -lou graham
  31. Golf, like measles, need to be stuck young. – P.G. Wodehouse
  32. “to discover a man’s proper character, play golfing with him.” – P.G. Wodehouse
  33. If there is no golf in heaven… I’m not going.
  34. I like massive putts and I can’t lie.
  35. “I recognize I am getting higher at golfing due to the fact I am hitting fewer spectators.” – Gerald r. Ford
  36. I generally golfing withinside the mid 70’s… any chillier and I simply live home.
  37. Golf, you need to play to apprehend.
  38. Step up to the plate for a grand-slam day.
  39. Show me a person who is a superb loser and I’ll display you a person who’s gambling golfing together along with his boss. – Unknown
  40. “the thoughts messes up extra photographs than the body.” – Tommy bolt

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