New Golf Captions 2022 for Instagram, Funny, Short, Hilarious

Like many people, I also like to share my golf pictures on social media
And for that I often look for the best golf captions, to make my image look more stunning.

If you are also like me. I have some great things for you.

Through my intense research and creativity I have brought you golf Instagram captions which will give your social media posts a different attitude.

When I share my golf picture on Instagram, that picture looks incomplete without a golf caption.

That’s why I wrote some new Instagram golf captions that I love and I hope you will like too.

So, scroll down and find The Best Captions for Golf and Give Your Instagram Post a New Look.

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Golf Captions

100 Best Golf Captions

  1. Golfers whack off instead of becoming angry!
  2. Keep your ball out of the water.
  3. I adore golf.
  4. One game at a time in life.
  5. Golf’s miniaturized version is my favorite.
  6. I’ll be playing golf if you need me.
  7. A day spent watching golf is a day well spent.
  8. I’d just be playing golf.
  9. Went golfing; never to return.
  10. Playing golf improves one’s life.
  11. When I’m not playing golf, I’m daydreaming about it.
  12. I’m constantly mulling over my game.
  13. The golf club is a great place to live.
  14. Golfing is the definition of pleasure.
  15. Golfing period is never squandered.
  16. Just in case you require further evidence even though I’m game.
  17. Playing golf till the sun sets.
  18. Jesus was there, on the golf course. At least I repeatedly heard his name.
  19. Golf was not our sport, but it was a wonderful day to try it out. I play golf because it’s enjoyable.
  20. For the mind, golf is beneficial. You become so furious with yourself that you stop hating your adversaries.
  21. How am I able to play so well and score so poorly?
  22. I’m not past the crest. I’m currently on the ninth hole.
  23. On greens, I reside! (a salad bowl filled with golf balls)
  24. To play golf like I do, a lot of balls are needed.
  25. The following stroke in a round of golf is crucial.
  26. I’m on the back nine, not cresting the hill.
  27. Like diseases, golf should really be found early.
  28. Play golf with a guy to discover his genuine nature.”
  29. If golf is not played in heaven… I won’t be going
  30. I can’t lie, but I enjoy making big putts.
  31. I am hitting fewer bystanders, so I know I am growing better at golf.
  32. I typically play golf in the mid-70s. If it gets any colder, I just remain inside.
  33. You must play golf to comprehend it.
  34. Don your batting cap for a grand-slam day
  35. You can see a man playing golf with his boss if you can show me a decent loser.
  36. If you believe it is difficult to meet new people… Choose the incorrect golf ball
  37. Golf is like a relationship. It’s not fun if you don’t treat it with seriousness and it’s heartbreaking if you do.
  38. On the golf course, I have a number of records, but all of them are beer-related.
  39. Keep in mind that you can always perform better, no matter how poorly you are currently playing.
  40. Everyday is golf time.
  41. Stop wasting your time wandering about when your home is near a golf course. Heaven appears a little closer.
  42. While my body is here, my thoughts are on golf.
  43. Stay on the greens when eating for a golfer
  44. With no ifs, ands, or buts
  45. Since every other four-letter term is already taken, they refer to it as golf.
  46. In the game of golf, you cry “Front,” shoot a six, and record a five. In paul harvey
  47. Golf advice: this tool, known as an eraser, can cut anyone’s game by five strokes.
  48. It’s a slice if I hit it accurately. It’s a hook if I hit it left. It’s a miracle if I hit it straight if I do.
  49. Anyone can play golf or pray while holding your head down, respectively.
  50. Golf is a simple game… Simply hard to play
  51. Where can I play golf with ghosts?
  52. Golfers don’t have tempers. They start on the tee!
  53. Funny thing is, the more I work at it, the fortunate I am.
  54. Don’t make the shot you believe you should take; take the shot you know you can take.
  55. Golf is an all-around sport, thus you need to train all-around to be versatile.
  56. I feel much better about my golf score when I have the scorecard.
  57. The majority of a golf stroke occurs before you swing your club.
  58. Golf: if I weren’t married, I’d give up the ridiculous game.
  59. The very next stroke is crucial in a round of golf.
  60. Yesterday was my first day of watching golf. I’m quite concerned for myself. In fact, I was relishing it.
  61. A good walk spoiled by golf. Mr. Twain
  62. My doctor advised me to only eat greens.
  63. Both faith and golf have their good proportion of obstacles to overcome.
  64. Give me the right to live a free life while pursuing golf balls.
  65. Golf is perfect for me.
  66. On the golf course, life is good all the time.
  67. Witchcraft was a term used in the past when men screamed and beat the ground with sticks. Today, it is known as golf.
  68. Although the overall game on the green is crucial, the strategy is far more crucial.
  69. Paul harvey once said, “Golf is a game where you cry “Front,” shot six, and write down five.”
  70. A round of golf is a terrific way to feel bad about yourself very quickly.
  71. To play golf the way I do, you need a lot of balls.
  72. More shots are missed by the mind than by the body.
  73. A day spent playing golf is an exhausting round of laziness. Bill wordsworth
  74. It is clear that whoever said that “Practice makes perfect” has never played golf.
  75. Old golfers simply putter around or away; they never pass away.
  76. In the game of golf, you shout “Front,” “Shoot six,” and “Write down five.”
  77. Forget-me-nots are one of golfers’ favorite flowers.
  78. It’s the step by step that counts in golf, just like in life.
  79. Leaders don’t simply focus on the bottom line; they also keep an eye on the future.
  80. Evidently, the person who stated “Practice makes perfect” has not once played golf.
  81. Ever noticed how golf sounds when spelled backwards?
  82. Old golfers simply carry on as they always have.
  83. A golf partner who is a little bit worse than you is an excellent golf partner.
  84. A good walk spoiled by golf.
  85. Relax and enjoy, take a vacation from life, and yell profanities at a golf ball.
  86. I abhor golf, I abhor golf, I abhor golf… Good shot! I enjoy golf
  87. Golf, in my opinion, is just a pricy version of marbles.
  88. Like in life, follow through is everything in golf.
  89. There is always an opportunity to improve, acquire new knowledge and be perfect.
  90. I’ve never thought golf to be particularly interesting, but I later discovered that it’s where males go to vent their wrath.
  91. Spend ten minutes on a golf course if you’ve forgotten what it feels like to be frustrated.
  92. When playing golf, you yell fore, shoot six, and record five. Paul harvey
  93. Although golf was not our sport, the weather was perfectly perfect for trying it out.
  94. Success in golf is more dependent on mental and moral toughness than physical strength.
  95. Golf is a lovely walk spoilt
  96. Many millions have been made in the golf industry; the most are ex-billionaires.
  97. The next shot is crucial in golf.
  98. Play golf with a man to learn more about his true nature.
  99. The worst day of mini golfing beats the satisfactory day of work.
  100. I like massive putts and I can’t lie.

Golf Captions for your Instagram

  1. When I’m not playing golf, I’m daydreaming about it.
  2. It’s interesting how my luck increases as I practice.
  3. You can keep the clubs and the fresh air if you give me a gorgeous partner and a set of golf clubs.
  4. You can get better at golf in one of three ways: learn instruction, practice frequently, or… Start cheating!
  5. In our younger generations, which is akin to a golf competition, only low scores are appreciated.
  6. Arnold will be remembered for transforming golf from a sport for the elite to a popular pastime. He was the driving force behind it.
  7. I cram myself among the positive energy and the enjoyable company.
  8. I get to make a living playing golf. Receiving compensation for doing what you love is the ultimate goal.
  9. Golf is a sport that requires all-around skill development, thus training must reflect this.
  10. Golf is now available to everyone who wears ugly attire, despite the fact that it was once only for wealthy, obese protestants.
  11. The most difficult and straightforward sport to deceive at is golf.
  12. Bad weather does not exist; only poor attire does!
  13. Constantly give it your all, even when the situation seems hopeless.
  14. As soon as the little ball enters the hole, continue to hit it straight.
  15. By concentrating on results, you won’t achieve them.
  16. Like in life, the follow through is what matters in golf.
  17. I detest individuals who whisper, so I don’t enjoy watching golf on television.
  18. Let’s go on more dates that involve golf courses and putting greens.
  19. Prior to learning that guys play golf to vent their wrath, I had little interest in the sport.
  20. Golf is a poor man’s sport that the wealthy enjoy.

20 Instagram Golf Captions You’ve Read, Need More?👉 Golf Captions for Instagram

Funny Golf Captions

  1. Probably the only activities you can enjoy without being good at are sex and golf.
  2. Stop squandering time by idly doing nothing.
  3. Allow me the right to live a free life while pursuing golf balls.
  4. Golfers tee off instead of becoming angry!
  5. When I’m with you, I’ve got a (golf) ball.
  6. Old golfers simply putter around and away; they never die.
  7. Although golf was not our sport, the weather was perfectly perfect for trying.
  8. If I weren’t engaged, I’d give up playing golf.
  9. You must stop and smell the roses as you go down the fairway of life since you only get one shot.
  10. On the golf course, life is good all of the time.
  11. The enjoyable portion of a round of golf is the putting.
  12. Stop talking to yourself, concentrate on the here and now, on the next shot. Don’t intellectualize it.
  13. In the game of golf, the player always occupies a good position while the ball always has a bad one.
  14. My doctor advises me to only eat greens.
  15. If you have a favorite humorous golf caption that we missed, please share it in the comment area.
  16. Save it for later with a pin!
  17. Do anyone believe my wii sports levels of skill will translate?
  18. Leaders do not only focus on the bottom line, but also on the horizon.
  19. The calvinistic scotsman devised golf as a disease to punish people for their misdeeds.
  20. A skilled golfer does have the perseverance to wait for the breaks as well as the drive to win.

We’ve got even more funny golf captions you’ll love!👉 Golf Funny Captions

Mini Golf Captions

  1. With greens alone!
  2. Ride it like though you took it.
  3. When do we start?
  4. A good walk spoilt is golf.
  5. Upcoming tiger woods.
  6. Some striking during the night.
  7. It became worn?
  8. Golf is perfect for me.
  9. Hit defines success.
  10. Golf is perfect for me.
  11. Tiger woods imposter
  12. Swing hard because life is short.
  13. Excellent at golf.
  14. Hole-in-one?
  15. I’d even be playing golf.
  16. This girl is motivated.
  17. Mummy putter.
  18. Take the plunge.
  19. Life is golf.
  20. Don’t focus on my putt.

Want More Mini Golf Captions?👉 Short Golf Captions

Hilarious Golf Captions

  1. The golf course is unquestionably my positive place.
  2. I enjoy being teed off.
  3. I enjoy long approach shots and cannot lie.
  4. My putt deserves a kiss.
  5. Consider your fathers and grandfathers.
  6. Hello and welcome to my happy place.
  7. The mini version of golf is my favorite.
  8. Old golfers don’t ever die; they simply keep trying to put.
  9. This putt was first seen on my instagram account.
  10. You should thank your lucky stars.
  11. Feeling like jessica day on the golf course while trying to network.
  12. On the golf course, I hold numerous documents, but they all involve beer.
  13. Golf is an excellent way to quickly become dissatisfied with yourself.
  14. My doctor advises me to take iron every day and to eat lots of greens. That is why I enjoy golf.
  15. I discovered jesus on the golf course. At the very least, I heard his name several times.
  16. When I possess the scoring system, my golf score seems to improve significantly.
  17. Golf is a lot of walking interspersed with dissatisfaction and bad math.
  18. I’d never been interested in golf until I started learning that it’s where men go to let off steam.
  19. Continue to hit it straight until the wee ball falls into the hole.
  20. They call it golf because all of the other four-letter words have already been taken.

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