51 New Golf Captions for your Instagram Post

Take Golf Instagram Captions and give your posts a new look! New Instagram Golf Captions 2022.

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Golf Caption for Instagram

Golf Instagram Captions

  1. Golf is a game that is simple to start picking up yet challenging to master.
  2. On the golf course is the only place where my prayers are heard.
  3. A terrible round of golf is preferable to a productive day at work.
  4. Half of the game in golf is physical and half is mental.
  5. A good walk spoiled by golf.
  6. Try picking up the right golf ball if you believe it’s challenging to meet new people.
  7. I don’t claim to be the best golfer, but I also don’t claim to be the worst.
  8. When playing golf, you cry “Front,” shoot a six, and record a five.
  9. I’m about as stable as an unstable isotope.
  10. Watching a game is enjoyable. Playing it counts as recreation. It is golf if you put in the effort.
  11. My excitement for a nice swing literally reached its peak with that one.
  12. If all goes well, it’s a slice. It’s a hook if it goes left. And it’s a miracle if it goes straight
  13. The game we call life and golf are the most similar. 
  14. Good shots might result in horrible breaks, and bad shots can result in good breaks, but you have to play the ball where it is. 
  15. Although golf was not our sport, the day was perfect for trying it out.
  16. I enjoy playing golf, so I do it.
  17. Playing golf is therapeutic. You get so furious with yourself that you stop hating your foes. 
  18. How can I play so well and score so weak control?
  19. I am not past the crest. I’m currently on the seventh hole.
  20. I reside on grass! (bowl of golf balls in place of salad)
  21. Golfing as I do requires a lot of balls.
  22. The accompanying stroke is crucial in golf: I’m not over the hill, I’m on the back nine
  23. The worst mini-golf day defeats the best work day.
  24. I detest golf! I detest golf! And I despise golf! Ouch! Good shot! I enjoy golf!
  25. Hitting the ball is the enjoyable part of it, but the more you hit the ball, the more enjoyable it is.
  26. Like measles, golf should be caught early.
  27. Play golf with a guy to discover what kind of people he really is.
  28. “I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators.” I adore huge putts and I cannot lie.
  29. I frequently play golf in the mid-1970s… 
  30. Golf, you have to play to understand; 
  31. The body makes fewer mistakes than the mind.
  32. If you believe it is difficult to meet new people… 
  33. Golf is like a romantic relationship. It’s not fun if you don’t take it seriously, and it’s terrible if you do. 
  34. I have a few records on the golf course, but they are all beer records.
  35. Keep in mind that you can always play worse, no matter how poorly you are currently playing.
  36. Heaven appears a little closer when your home is close to a golf course. 
  37. Any time is tee time.
  38. Heaven seems a little closer when your home is close to a golf course. 
  39. My mind is on golf, but my body is here.
  40. Stay on the greens when eating for a golfer
  41. They call it golf because all the other four letter words are taken 
  42. There are no ifs, ands, or putts.
  43. In the game of golf, you cry “Front,” shot a six, and record a five. 
  44. Golf advice: this device, known as an eraser, may cut anyone’s game by five strokes.
  45. It is a slice if I hit it accurately.
  46. It is a hook if I hit it to the left. It’s a miracle if I hit it straight if I do.
  47. Playing golf or meditation are two activities you can engage in while keeping your head down. 
  48. Golf is a simple game… Where do ghosts play golf? It’s just hard to play – on a dead golfer.
  49. Golfers are teed off rather than becoming angry!
  50. It is funny how getting better at something makes me luckier.
  51. Swing at the shot you know you can take, not the one you imagine.

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